About the project

This project was created as a part of a Bachelor thesis

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Why the project was born?

This project was born as a part of a bachelor thesis. Because I like programing for iOS platform and I wanted to learn something new, I've chosen an app for Apple TV as a topic. The main task of this app is to bring a twitter client where user can show a timeline of his tweets and use basic actions of Twitter as LIKE or RETWEET.

User can also show tweet's discusion and react to a specific tweet.

Besides that user can show his profile's statistics and timeline of his own tweets and retweets.

Timelines are always up to date, so when the app is running, user has always the newest content on his screen.

The main criteria of the thesis were intuitiveness, app speed and nice design.

Download this app and try it now. We would appreciate if you fill in a review form.

Meet the team



Marek Zvara

Creator and Developer of the project

Student of information technology at Brno- University of technology, and iOS and tvOS developer.

App Functionalities

This Twitter client offers you lots of awesome functionalities.

100% free

Whole application is for free.

Like action

Select a tweet and SWIPE right to like or unlike it anytime you want.

Browse your timeline

You can see all your tweets and browse your timeline.

Dive into discusion

Want to react to a tweet? Just click on any tweet to show its discusion and add your opinion.

Retweet action

Select a tweet and SWIPE left to show a retweet options. Add a comment or just retweet a tweet.

Profile statistics

You can see how many followers you have or the other informations like number of liked tweets, number of tweets or number of followed by.

Show photos

Anytime a tweet contains a photo, you can show it in full resolution.

Play a video

Anytime a tweet contains a video, you can play it in videoplayer.

My tweets

Interested in your personal tweets and retweets? Go to section 'My tweets' to show them all.


This app is now available in the App Store. Check it now

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Let a review

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